Friday, April 3, 2009

Confessions Of A Common Man

-Karanpal Singh

Yet mighty faults
Have I to share
And who doesn’t guilt a mere.
And where you a creature of mightier versatility?
Yet the Paradox draws me to a trial
In the court of History of time.
Where I,
Versatile but a guilt
Stand to confess hidden evils
Of which wyverns get frightened.
I and my kind
Here today confess that.
I worked in a taller building,
Where men had shorter tempers.
All of whom drove on highways broader,
With viewpoints narrower.
I spent more,
Yet had less
Bought more,
And enjoyed still lesser.
I had too big a house
And family shorter, of just three.
I enjoyed more conveniences
Still, had less time.
Had many “Too Great” degrees
Yet less common sense.
O! And knowledge I had too much,
But not so much judgment.
More experts
And too more problems.
Medicine abundant,
Less well-being though.
I multiplied my possessions,
Reduced my values.
I talked too much; loved too seldom,
Yet hated too often.
Yes! Saint!
I knew how to make a living,
However, not the tact to make life.
I added years to life,
Not life to years.
Yes! Oh! Let me say it
I once went to moon and back,
Alas! Yet Had trouble crossing street to meet new neighbour.
I conquered the outer space,
But left the inner space.
Twice a day I cleansed my corpse,
But many a twices polluted the soul.
I split the atom,
Yet not my Pride.
I had two incomes and four divorces,
A fancy house and a broken home.
I would never forget the ages in which I lived,
An age of Taller men of Shorter characters,
Of Steeper profits and Shallow relationships.
The Times of World-peace and Domestic Warfare.
More leisure and less fun;
Variant foods and scarce nutrition.
A life I won’t forget,
Yet I know Saint or Yamm1 or what you are,
This Erebus directs to Hell.
1.Yamm or Yamraj – In Hindu Mythology, after death, Yamraj(a sort of Death God) carries the soul to Hell or Heaven according to deeds of soul on Earth________________________________________________________________